Turfgrass Virtual Consultation

At Turfgrass® our philosophy has always been on finding solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on being part of your extended team and are always available to advise on your golf course development needs.

The organic nature of a golf course means that it requires care and maintenance no matter what happens in the world. The Turfgrass® team is still available to support you.

Turfgrass® Virtual Consultation, known as Turfgrass® VC is a service where you can securely upload golf course management data (images, laboratory test results, and programmes) to avail of a virtual consultation from your trusted agronomist. On completion of the virtual consultation, Turfgrass® will issue a report outlining key points discussed and actions agreed.

Whilst a virtual consultation can never replace an onsite visit, Turfgrass® VC is a valuable service which has been developed in recent years and has successfully assisted clients worldwide.

Turfgrass® VC allows you to avail of our continued guidance, expertise and experience for your golf course, to ensure that it is in the very best condition now and into the future.

If you would like to discuss Turfgrass® VC further please send an email to info@turfgrass.ie

Please list your areas of concern, explaining measures you've already taken to address them, including a list of treatments, both IPM and pesticide in chronological order.

Take close-up pictures of turf, thatch, roots and/or the issue, alongside a scaled ruler.
20 files maximum. Maximum image size - 15 MB. Files: JPG or PNG.

Please upload additional supporting data that may have relevance to the diagnosis and consultation, which may include:
- Weather Data/Growth Potential
- Nematode Test Results
- Organic Matter Test Results
- Soil/Tissue Test Results
- Physical Soil Test Results
- Soil Moisture
- Nutrition and Plant Protection Programme

10 files maximum. Files: Word, Excel and PDF.