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A strengthened collaboration between Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf is aimed at driving the green agenda and promoting education, awareness and support to conserve resources and embrace environmental change in the industry.

As a world-leading golf course consultancy, Turfgrass® mission is to develop, enhance and maintain the golf courses of the future. For all of us, the future means doing our part in protecting the planet. For the golf industry, this means ensuring that every aspect of a golf course is considerate of the environment and adopts sustainable practices. That is why Turfgrass® are proud to work as an expert technical service provider in partnership with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, the most widely endorsed international non-profit organisation, who provide a highly credible and straightforward system of sustainability standards, project support and recognition for golf facilities and new developments.

The collaboration aims to help demonstrate more and more examples that it is possible to sustain the economic and environmental viability of a golf course, while still improving the golfing experience and simultaneously raising awareness of the positive environmental impact that golf can have. Significant research has been undertaken into many key aspects of the environment, most notably in agronomy, water management and ecology, and the two organisations will work together as part of a wider effort to  share this knowledge more widely.

“We have a duty to be part of the solution. The future of golf relies on environmental preservation and change, and all of that begins with education. This education includes the positive attributes and benefits that golf courses can bring to the environment. Education also comprises of best management practices throughout the industry and education of the golfers, who must appreciate and understand that the perfect golf course is not always a lush green one, but rather a more natural one”, said John Clarkin, founder of Turfgrass®.


Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf have collaborated on over 30 courses so far across Europe to improve water conservation, reduce use of pesticides and encourage the use of more environmentally appropriate equipment on golf courses. Their commitments to provide guidance and innovative solutions for effective sustainable strategies for golf projects will help towards the future-proofing the industry is looking to take in these changing times.

“Turfgrass® has been a valuable collaborator on  numerous projects and at venues across the globe who are working to become more sustainable. This recent strengthening of our respective and collective efforts, to inspire and support more sustainable actions is exciting and will increase the value for courses involved with both organisations. “We look forward to many future positive outcomes in projects”, added Jonathan Smith, founder of GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf.